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how to pronounce "uwu"


i don’t know what i was expecting but i’m not dissapointed

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-Margaret Thatcher when being told to stop shouting in memos to staff

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It’s a little funny that people most often call me by my name (andrew) on tumblr and then by url, 

it’s unexpected but it’s sweet


a strip club but with giant caterpillars writhing on the poles that explode if you touch them



The Events in Ferguson will one day make a great movie for white people to feel guilty about and give an academy award to

and the story will revolve around a white journalist who ultimately realizes that wow, we’re all human

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you know what really boils my noodle?

hot water?

aw fuck yea hey listen while i’ve got a science person on the horn: if propelled by some hypothetical force that doesn’t fuck with the person in any other way, what’s the highest speed a person could withstand before dying?

i love this question, 

sorry it took a while to answer i had a guy coming in about our kitchen and then i had to make tea (in the kitchen he did not fix) and now i’m here

ok 3 part answer


speed is basically meaningless, we’re already going fast enough to kill a person if we set them that speed in the air, relative to the sun

all speed is relative, that’s something einstein talked about (unbelievably he called it relativity, ikr) that is to say when you’re in a bathroom on a plane you don’t feel like you’re really moving, and if you throw a ball up in the air it falls down into your hand just like it would if you were on earth, moving at a different speed,

the real word for that is ‘inertial reference frame’, that is to say when you are traveling at a constant speed (not accelerating) you are in your own inertial reference frame, and (to you) instead of you moving forwards at N mph everything else is traveling backwards at -N mph and you are stationary. To the people on the ground, they are still,  and you are traveling at N mph, relative to their inertial reference frame. 

so yeah

speed cannot kill you, 

the acceleration does

the old line goes; “It’s not the speed that kills you, it’s the suddenly stopping.”

g (little g) as in g-force (still little g) is a measure of the force pulling down on every unit of mass, (it’s also a measure of how fast a unit mass accelerates while falling in a vacuum but the numbers to those are both the same; 9.81 N/kg, and 9.81 m/s/s respectively). 

In aeronautics they measure the force on a human in g’s (1 g being 9.81 N/kg)
For example, on earth g is one,

i am 70 kg, 

this means 70 kilograms times 9.81 it the force of gravity acting on my body, (about 640 N i guess. N stands for Newtons btw, as in the gravity guy) 

THe smallest number i could find for when you risk death from g-force is 4 to 6 g. This means if earth suddenly gained so much weight it became 4 times more massive then we’d all die from the g-force. 

We could also achieve this if the earth accelerated to a much higher speed. However, if the earth stopped acceleration and settled off at a constant speed, we would return to 1 g, as speed is relative and we would be in a new inertial reference frame

just so you know, speed is different to velocity, 

the wiki article on g force from this point on is pretty good;

again, speed doesn’t kill you, it’s acceleration

air drag

To my knowledge we can’t be killed from air drag at our terminal velocity. Usually when we pass out falling at terminal velocity we pass out from shock. 

I’m guessing that if we were flying through the air unprotected it would be the ability to breath which would be the first to go. Windpipes crush at about 3 to 6 pounds. A pretty fit young kid like myself can still inflate and deflate my lungs with 20kg on them. though if that were sustained i would probably fail and be unable to breath after a while. 

It would take a scientific model which i don’t own/don’t know how to use and some way of getting an orthographic projection of some parts of a human (fuck that) to figure out one of the values about streamlining for the equation on how much force is applied to a person flying through the air. So I don’t think i can give you an answer based on if you’d die from air drag. I suppose maybe 140 miles an hour would be hard to keep breathing in unprotected. But that’s just a stab in the dark. I’d have to take actual measurements to figure out the real number and i dont have a personal lab. 

But i’m going to presume you mean ‘human with breathing apparatus traveling in a vacuum’ bc that’s wayy easier to calculate


The speed limit to the universe is c. c (little c) is the symbol we use for the speed of light. The value for it is about 300 000 000 meters traveled every second. (670 million miles an hour, imagine going around the equator 7 times in a second. That fast.)
Objects with mass always have to travel at a speed less than c. Objects with no mass (photons, some particles) always have to travel at c (photons are particles of light, c is the speed of light)

Interestingly enough they used to think that cars would go so fast that uteruses would fly out of people, 

topkek victorian humour

TLDR: Your question kinda sounds like you need to kill someone and rockets are not the answer my friend have you tried counselling’? There are much more cool ways to kill people with science that doesnt require high speeds. 

In conclusion, nyoom. 

I got straight A’s in my exams and I don’t believe in the moon


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